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Arnould Plaquin was born on December 16, 1871 at Neurilly??, France. hew as the son of Arnould Plaquin and Aurélie Marsy, one of a a family of five (two boys and three girls).

Blanche Plaquin, born May 14, 1878 at Mouscron, Belgium, was the daughter of César Lemahieu and Mélanie Bonte. She had only one brother, Désiré.


Arnould & Blanche


Arnould and Blanche were married on April 3, 1898. Their first son, Arnold, was born in France on December 13, 1900. Blanche, their first daughter was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA, on January 23, 1909. 

Albert, the last child, was born on November 27, 1914 at Bordenave, Alberta. Bordenave, which no longer exists, was just 3 km west of Thérien.

Arnould was a steam engineer and worked in big wool factories. He served in the French Forces for the time required. He was also a talented musician as he played the baritone in a brass band. He even played music for a visiting Tzar of Russia in France. He then decided to move to the USA in 1906 to work in factories in Rhode Island. He and Blanche stayed seven years in Woonsocket.

Then, through a colonizer, Arnould heard that in Canada there was land to be had for $10 for an entire quarter section (160 acres or 80 hectares) and that dollars grew on trees. He decided to move to Alberta. In Edmonton, he met a friend who told him to go to Thérien so he homesteaded on land just 4 km north and 2 km west of the town. He arrived with only his son Arnold. Mr. Frederick Bordenave helped him build a log house on his land.

Shortly after, Blanche and her daughter Blanche came to join them. Upon their arrival, they had to sleep on a pile of hay on the floor because they still had no furniture! Later on, they bought two oxen and a wagon. However, it would take all day to get groceries from the town so they eventually purchased two horses which was a huge improvement.

Arnould passed away on November 23, 1939 and Blanche on May 14, 1962.

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Albert, Arnould's third and last child, was born in Bordenave (just west of Thérien), Alberta on November 27, 1914. He went to school at Frémont till he had completed grade 6. Education was not a priority in 1926!

Juliette was born in St. Vincent, Alberta on February 26, 1912. She lived with her parents Eugène and Joséphine (née Leclerc) Adam, along with her two brothers Gérard and Fred and four sisters, Maria, Blanche, Lucie and Jeanne.

They were married on November 19, 1935 in Thérien.

The ceremony took place at 6:00 am so that they could catch the 8:00 am train to Edmonton for the big honeymoon! Upon their return, a dance was held to celebrate the nuptials. They settled on their homestead, which was located 4 km north and 3 km west of Thérien.

They had 8 children: Lillianne (died shortly after birth), Bernard, Joffre, Omer, Yvette, Roland (died at 6 years old of a ruptured appendix) Corinne, and Pauline. After having the first three boys, they decided to move to brother Arnoold's farm just 2 km north of Therien.

Albert and Juliette were active with raising their six children, farming and community involvement. They belonged to the square dancing club and the Therien Community 

League. Albert liked to keep up with the times, so he purchased an Oliver 99 tractor with rubber tires! His neighbours thought him very foolish indeed because they felt that it would'nt be very effective.

In 1973, Albert and Juliette sold the farm to their son Omer and moved to Bonnyville, Alberta. They worked for Fortier and Associates where Juliette was Chief Cook and Albert was her assistant. They worked in work camps in the far north. They retired six years later.

Once again, they became actively involved with the Senior Citizens Club in Bonnyville. Juliette was secretary for the club for several years.

In 1985, Albert and Juliette celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with friends and family. 

Juliette suffered a heart attack and passed away on August 21, 1986. Albert passed away on August 23, 1989. Both are buried at the Holy Family Cemetery in Bonnyville.


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