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Armand Martin was brought up near St. Vincent Lake just 20 km North of St. Paul, Alberta. He went to school in St. Vincent which was about 9 km away.

He married Marguerite Dallaire in 1940 and lived in a farm shack 11 km north of Mallaig, Alberta. Their first son, Richard, was born in that shack where they lived for two years. Shortly after his birth, Armand went to work in the mines in Sudbury, Ontario with his brother-in-law Armand Amyotte. Their wives joined them later; each with their first-born son.

Armand moved six times in the first six years of his marriage. The family finally moved to Mallaig in 1946 with all their belongings in a half ton truck. At that time, Marguerite was expecting their second son, Marcel.

Armand became a prominent business man in Mallaig with his new Imperial Oil Agency. He bought Ovila Martin's little house and livery barn which he tore dwon with a team of horses and a slip scraper. He then built an office with living quarters at the back of the building. Power was supplied by a little light plant owned by the Spohn Brothers.

The business had two single, visible hand gas pumps. He also sold automobile accessories and tires. Tire repair and gasoline delivery were important aspects of the business. Although during the early years gas was delivered in barrels, Imperial Oil later installed huge reservoirs and a warehouse which improved business. Additionally, Armand hauled cattle and hogs to Edmonton and brought back coal on the return trip. He also ran the J.J. Case Agency for 10 years.

Armand moved to St. Paul, Alberta selling the Agency in 1971 after having run it for 31 years. Shortly thereafter, he started a new business called Martin's Car Sales which he owned and operated with his son Marcel for a number of years.

In 1963, Armand bought a huge piece of land at St. Vincent Lake which he developed into Horseshoe Bay. It became an official summer village in 1985. He was appointed its first mayor. It was to be his home for several years until 1997 when he moved to a home in St. Paul. The only public park in Horseshoe Bay bears his name in perpetuity.

Through the years, Armand and Marguerite have raised 6 children (Richard, Marcel, Anita, Raymond, Denis and Jeanne) and have many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


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