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Welcome to Galet.org - Robert Martin's Web Page!

Why this name?
My children's roots spread wide and far stretching out over two continents, Europe and North America.  

My wife, Isabelle, is from Dieppe, France and I am from Canada. However, in my research, I have discovered that some of my ancestors are from the very same region as she! It then became obvious to choose a name that reflects the wonderful place from which she hails. Dieppe's beaches are composed of pebbles or cobbles instead of sand. In French, they are called galets (pronounced galay). Their beaches are unique among all of France's coastline! It becomes appropriate then, to have galet.org as a "virtual" link between our Canadian home and our homeland. 

Galet: a rounded rock with a dimension of 10 to 100 mm.

For the past 3 years, I have been compiling information on my daughter and son's descendants concentrating on the families of Adam, Avenel, Dallaire, Martin and Plaquin as well as all of their associated families. As of this moment, there are more than 3388 individuals and 1100 marriages in my database which includes Céline and Colin's direct ascendants counting more than 190 different surnames and 700 marriages!

My objectives for having such a site are:

bulletto share with you the history of the families mentioned above;
bulletto keep our family history alive for all the generations to come;
bulletto collect missing information on our descendants and ascendants;
bulletto exchange information regarding all of the connected families;
bulletto promote the various genealogy websites that exist.


Robert Martin
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